Why Eezi Dry?


Our company uses state of the art German dry cleaning Technology.

Why dry cleaning over wet carpet cleaning?

mattress cleaning johannesburg It’s a faster and much more convenient way of cleaning. The process is much more hygienic than the historic way of wet carpet cleaning.


The S-Class filtration system will remove 100% of all particles even those as small as 1 micron. An average dust mite is approximately 10 microns. Our machines have an allergy seal of approval.


Furthermore the S-Class system meets the requirements of asthma and allergy sufferers, because fine particles are not released in to the air during cleaning.



When last did you clean your mattress?


mattress cleaning johannesburgOn average we spend a third of our life time sleeping on it. Studies show that an average person sheds approximately 4.8kg of skin and 8 litres of sweat in a year. You could find 1–2 million dust mites on your mattress feeding on your skin and sweat.


It is essential to clean your mattress twice a year and our product is guaranteed to terminate 99.97% of all dust mites in your mattress during the deep cleaning process.


After vacuuming a 100% termination rate is guaranteed.